Holyoak Floral Designs


The Idea

The idea is simple. In today's society, humanity is always on the go and has forgotten to take a moment every once in while to notice nature or "Stop and smell the roses".

This is my way of bring Humanity and Mother Nature back together and hopefully who ever receives one of my creations will stop and enjoy the visual and aromatic beauty that Mother Nature has to offer. 

Style & Quality

My style ranges from loosely gathered flowers that look like they were found that way in nature to contemporary and modern designs to complement an office building. 

I always use the best quality of flowers and foliage that is flown in straight from the farm. I receive the flowers fresh 24-48 hours before your arrangement is ready for pick up or delivery. 

100% Handmade

All of the flowers and foliage come to me loose and fresh, allowing me to use the full capability of my creativity to design one of a kind ,original pieces of art work. 

Every arrangement is designed and created for each client individually. I try to capture the essence of what the client is trying to communicate and let it show through the floral artwork that is 100% handmade.  

Stacie created a vision board for us to share ideas on and helped me pick the flower combo that would match our budget, style, and colors. When it came down to it, she did what we asked and brought me an amazing trial bouquet. She is so patient, responsive, friendly, and enthusiastic about her clients. I feel like she is more like a friend than a wedding vendor!
— Stephanie R.
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